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Putting the easy back in DPC.

Bagel is a new software platform for direct primary care practices. Welcome to your dream EMR.

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Letter to the DPC community

Hi, I'm Colin. I'm an MIT-trained software engineer, a proud DPC patient, and the founder of Bagel. I'm really excited to announce Bagel, a new kind of software platform for direct primary care.

I've been working to make life easier for DPC docs for the past two years. If you've started your practice in the last year, you likely referenced the Master DPC Startup Checklist. I build the DPC website creation tool DPC Spot. More recently, I worked with Phil Eskew to implement the overhaul to the DPC Frontier mapper.

Now, I'm starting Bagel. Over time, it's become clear that the ideal software platform for running a direct primary care practice doesn't exist yet.

Sixty percent of DPCs use Atlas, a homegrown, DPC-focused, all-in-one software that (after 7+ years of incremental development) has grown into a solid all-in-one option—albeit with serious limitations. In reaction against the onerous EMRs of the insurance world, Atlas reverted to a design philosophy best described as "digital paper". You can write whatever you want in an Atlas note; it imposes no structure whatsoever. This comes with tradeoffs: Atlas is eay to use and minimalistic, but lacks some important functionality that requires data to machine-readable: querying, sorting, filtering, visualization, inter-operability, context-aware alerts, and more.

The other forty percent of DPC practices opt for Elation, which still has a foot in the insurance world and is burdened by the associated problems: minimal customization, excessive complexity, and a deprioritization of good interface design. Plus, Elation only handles medical records, so its users must use additional vendors for billing and patient communication. You end up with a multi-vendor Franken-solution—the sort of administrative headache that drove so many docs to DPC in the first place.

So that's why we're building Bagel. It will have the laser focus of Atlas, the power of Elation, and a consuming emphasis on physician-friendliness.

We've completed our initial design and development is well underway. If you're interested in trying an early version of the software, join our beta waitlist at the top of the page. If you want to know when the final version is ready, join our Facebook group! If you've hated every EMR you've ever used and want to unload years of pent-up frustration, schedule a call with us!


Colin McDonnell

CEO, Bagel

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Meet the Team

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Colin McDonnell

Founder of Bagel

Colin is an MIT grad, a proud DPC patient, and the CEO of Bagel. He's been involved in the direct primary care community for almost two years as the creator of DPC Spot (, the author of the Master DPC Startup Checklist, and the CTO of DPC Frontier.

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Kenny Friedman

Head of Design

Kenny is an MIT alum, experienced software engineer, and UI/UX researcher. Before joining Bagel, Kenny worked as a researcher at the MIT Human-Computer Interaction Group and the UI/UX Prototyping team of augmented reality company Magic Leap.

Phil Eskew profile photo
Phil Eskew


Dr. Eskew is the founder of DPC Frontier. He continues to practice broad scope family medicine, mostly in the correctional (prison) medicine setting in Wyoming. He is also the VP of Clinical Development and General Counsel at ProactiveMD.

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